Welcome to Write Grief

Grief. Just a short 5 letter word that conjures up all sorts of feelings, most of them truly uncomfortable.

If you’re new to grief, I’m so sorry you have a reason to be here. But I’m filled with hope because you ARE here, looking for some light in your darkness. Sometimes we just need to know light is possible in our darkness, even just a little flicker. It is darlin’, I promise you it is!

If you’re a long-time member of the grief club, I’m glad you’re here too. If you’re feeling like those around you have forgotten your loved one, this is a safe and beautiful place to remember. Remembering heals!

Whether you’re new to grief or not, I invite you to share your loved one with us here at Write Grief.

Share their name in our Rose Garden.

Share a story about them.

Share a poem.

When you share your love, you’re sharing your grief. This is a good thing darlin’! Sharing your grief opens your heart and opens the door to compassionate community which is where healing begins and continues.

Beginning in January 2015, I’ll be posting your stories, poems, and loved ones on Write Grief. It costs you nothing to participate although you are welcome to submit a donation to help me continue the site. To participate, fill out the form below or send me your questions.

Much love and gratitude,
Mari Doerr